New teachers are important. If they encounter a challenge, their students typically do not gain the needed knowledge to progress. School mentors usually do not have the time allocation or the training to assist new teachers.

The beginning educators may encounter challenges that they do not feel comfortable sharing with educators who have input into their evaluations. School leaders have many responsibilities ranging from quality standards, funding, classroom time for teachers and support staff.

We can assist schools in providing the mentoring support that new educators and mid-level educators assists in creating good outcomes for students.

Without available support and growth, many new educators may not believe an education career is what they want in the future—and with limited support this may impact their ability to help students reach higher academic standards. Even with the quality of their preparation, new teachers encounter varied challenges as they navigate their first critical months in the classroom. The job of the educator is too important in children’s lives and futures to let them to simply “sink-or-swim” without mentoring. With an objective analysis and support for the teacher, we ensure that teachers have every opportunity for success.

Mid Level Educators are the backbone of schools. How they perform is critical in creating positive outcomes for children. At times new ideas and more support is needed to ensure that they are able to do the best job that they are hired to do.