Closing the Achievement Gap in Special Education

Academia 1st

Closing the achievement gap and accelerating the academic potential of the diverse learners in schools have historically been challenging goals to both teachers and administrators. Assessment data for students with disabilities have indicated a decrease or no change in the testing results. Standards and accountability measures require specific instructional skills to meet those goals and support students with special needs.

Meeting these educational needs requires increased teaching skills.  Teachers must provide instruction that is differentiated and scaffolded to make the grade-level standards accessible to students. Our educational consultants are PhD qualified in Special Education.  They bring effective strategies into the classroom to address important issues that often impact the ability of teachers to meet the educational goals of students with special needs.

We work with teachers and administrators to set goals and enable educators to minimize the impact of barriers that frequently impact students with special needs. We partner to foster a culture of success that provides measures that lessen the negative impacts of the widening achievement gaps for students with disabilities. As a result of our professional development services, your students will show sufficient growth and progress.

We work with teachers in the areas of content, classroom and behavioral management, instructional and learning strategies, progress monitoring, and appropriate accommodations for instruction and assessments as well as supporting them with pragmatic issues that arise as a result of these new strategies (scheduling, planning time, scaffolded instruction).

Collaborating successfully to meet grade level standards for students with special needs ​