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Our Main Feature

Here at Academia1st, we provide reinvestment to your school, by working with your own students to use our Peer-to-Peer model. Essentially we work with your eligible students to secure their first or additional employment to assist students in understanding coursework. Our model works for building community relations and building community within the school system. We do have our team of instructors to provide zoom assistance to students as needed, but we are focused more on the servant leadership side of assisting in building school climate by building on the success of students that school leaders and teachers are already familiar with.

Executive Summary

Academia1st is an educational consulting service based out of 2 sites, La Crosse WI and Mauston WI. It offers a vast array of Instructional Services, College University Admission Services and Professional Development. These services are offered at very affordable rates to clients from different walks of life and we accept clients without a background at all in these fields. Our clients and students typically range from the novices to those with an appreciable knowledge of these areas who are not as experienced and would like to learn the newest trends. Our team of experts/professionals will be ready to commit themselves to impart their experience and knowledge in these fields into teaching willing clients about the requirements of various professions. The areas of online and face to face tutoring along with college admissions and professional development are growing areas. This is where the opportunity lies as we offer very practical approaches to learning, as well as a learning-friendly environment where students/clients are comfortable without distractions. Our primary service will be dedicated to assisting school districts with professional development and working with parents of students who either need educational tutoring and / or college admissions counseling.


Professional Development training in the areas of


Our second target for clients will be parents in the various communities nationwide. 

Offering assistance in the areas of


College preparation for their children


Academic counseling for majors in college / universities


Academic planning for students to graduate high school with college credit


Financial Aid Planning / Scholarship Assistance


Our third target for clients will be Stakeholders in the various communities nationwide