Ensuring Educational Equity

Educational excellence equates to educational equity. Educators have a responsibility not only to instruct students, but to assist them in their social and emotional development. To be able to provide opportunities for learning and development, educators must adapt to the diversity of their community and develop opportunities for students to see their lives reflected in school practices curriculum, and instructional materials.

We work with schools and districts to promote educational equity through cultural competency, providing a model for transformation and organizational change. We provide a needs assessment, customized implementation plan, and professional development. Our ultimate goal is to create a school environment that fosters academic achievement for every student.

The Path to Cultural Competency

We will support your organization's steps towards fostering a positive and inclusive environment that enables each student to reach their maximum potential.

Our multidimensional approach is customized to the unique needs of each school or district.

As a partner, we assess the school culture first and then structure solutions based on the unique needs of each school and / or district. Our team will work with school leaders, teachers, support staff, parents, and students to ensure we obtain an accurate picture of your school’s cultural competency.

We work alongside your team to help the team to implement the improvement plan that impacts all levels of school leadership, educators, and staff.